SARAH RYAN STUDIO is a painting and design business located in Malletts Bay, Vermont on the Winooski River. Sarah Ryan graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of Vermont in 1993. Early on she provided illustrations for the local art and news weekly Seven Days as well as logo work and a line of cards for Crow Bookshop. Two art production jobs followed with work for 11th Street Studio and artist Daryl Storrs. During this time, Sarah fell in love with kitchen work and spent many years making dim sum, baking sheet cakes, and flipping eggs at the Five Spice, Mirabelles, and Penny Cluse Cafe. She settled into full-time art work by 2004.

Because of her various interests and job history, Sarah has collaborated frequently with local restaurants, food businesses, and musicians. Her predominant style has evolved from these relationships. More akin to the trade work of a sign painter than that of a fine artist, her work is made through the lens of production and is often custom. When her painting is used to add visual elements to a functioning object, it is done with an intent to enhance without overpowering. Not everything calls for this approach, but when it works well the results are hopefully exciting and thoughtful. She has collaborated with Creston Electric Instruments since 2006 using this technique. Working by hand has always informed her process and she believes that you can ‘draw’ with almost any tool, whether it be a saw or a sewing needle. You can find her handmade items and paintings in her shop.

Also, because this is vitally important: Rutland, Vermont is her hometown and you should definitely bring her a sandwich from Gill’s if you’re driving through. Make sure to wave to Connie and her gold VW bug on your way north.